Our programs feature station-type learning developed initially by United States Military Academy at West Point, competitions and top-level instruction by the best in the industry. Students will participate in Sport, STEM and leadership activities while being engaged and on task 100% of the time.

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Real Skills That Travel

Our commitment to process-driven learning will provide the foundation needed in today’s competitive world. By using Sport to motivate, Ball Smarter programs deliver an innovative approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills through children’s new growth mindset on and off the field of play.

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The Perfect Blend

Ball Smarter Camps are the first program to marry the three vital pillars that every 21st-century child needs: Sport, STEM, and Leadership. Quality, proven instructors deliver a challenging, active curriculum with literacy throughout, that engages and leaves participants wanting more.

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It’s Hard To Be A Child Today

The race to be elite, the weight of expectations and a constant reminder of what others have, leave too many children doubting their own abilities. As a parent, a coach and a teacher, I see the profound difference that confidence and perspective can have on maximizing individual performance.

With my own children, I have spent thousands of dollars on programs that spanned the globe that entertained but left too few tools for them to deal with the challenges they faced as teenagers.   Tools that I couldn’t give them- the ones that had to be self-discovered.

Recently, I read Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset”, that emphasized process-based goals and the values developed from that mindset compared to labels and outcome-based standards.  The findings were significant.

I wished I read the book 15 years ago.  It would have changed how I parented.  Instead of commending my children on the grades they received, I would have focused on how they worked.  Those skills would help them in the workforce not that I said they were smart for their fourth-grade spelling results and then had to react to self-doubt when worse grades came. Our goal is the development of life-long skills for your child.


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