BallSmarter Programs

BallSmarter offers players and their families a range of five different programs in a range of formats, all centered around the utilization of sport to fuel motivation and learning for STEAM subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. All activities are bound by  developing leadership skills both on and off the field of play. The topics and activities covered develop both the physical and intellectual athlete, with takeaways aimed at the player’s school, college and home life.

BallSmarter Advantage

BallSmarter students have the benefit of being exposed to the very best in their choice of fields; from leadership and STEAM to sport. Players and parents can be assured of two things, players will be engaged in our programs and every aspect of every activity will be directly related to sport.

BallSmarter Clinics

BallSmarter provides a variety of one-day, weekend and week long clinics across the country for a range of different sports. Our clinics are run as daily programs for students ages 9 to 15-years-old that run from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Students arrive and depart each day.

The clinic format works best at generating interest, gaining sport mastery while being active along with an introduction to advanced STEAM concepts and exposure to introductory leadership ideas with an active implementation to all.

BallSmarter Career Academy: Live Your Future Career In Sports

Experience Sports Analytics, Sports Reporting, Team Operations, Customer/Public Relations and Marketing in a sporting environment mentored by industry leaders.  Students will be immersed in the fabric of a sport’s organization to build skills and develop the relationships required to start along a career path in professional and collegiate sports.

BallSmarter School

Through our partnerships we assist with the physical education programs in both public and private schools in the USA.  In those lessons, we train educators who integrate the curriculum within the existing school setting to the full range of grade levels and across five different sports from basketball to baseball and soccer to softball.

BallSmarter Camp

A residential experience best suited for students ages 13 to 18-years-old that take place on college campuses. The Academy Camp length varies based on campus location, but is available in select cities. Programs wishing to add their campus or city to the growing list of BallSmarter Academies should contact our team to discuss requirements for inclusion for the following year.

The Academy format takes place at top universities exposing students to the college environment in addition to receiving top level development of the BallSmarter core competencies: Sport, STEAM and leadership, all prerequisites for a successful student-athlete in any sport.

BallSmarter Service +

A BallSmarter residential experience that adds in a service layer with an established non-profit sports management organization. The Service + program is residential and best suited for students ages 15 to 18-years-old in search of a little more from a traditional internship or volunteering role. Our Service + students are typically engaged on a deeper level with the operation and management of traditional and innovative institutions.

Our Service + program is the next level up from our Academy program and delivers the same sport, STEAM and leadership training with an added layer of management, education and community service with an established area non-profit. Non-profit partners range from educational service providers to tech startups, all with the remit to better integrate sport into communities in need.

Next Steps…

For any players wanting a more in-depth and engaging sporting experience, call and speak to a BallSmarter Coach today to chat about the program that’s best for your game and an experience that will get you the scholarship grades you need.

For any parents wanting a program that raises their child’s skill level for sports while raising their motivation for the STEAM subjects, speak with a BallSmarter administrator to find out how to offset your child’s summer slide.

For any coaches, athletic directors and program managers wanting to work with BallSmarter to update and innovate their current sporting offer, reach out to our staff.