The BallSmarter player’s growth mindset is pushed to its limits by the demands of our leadership lesson.

Our program of learning often involves a young person’s first exposure to the rigors of leadership as they learn side by side with the staff, while learning leadership techniques within the rules of a game has proven to last a lifetime.


The BallSmarter Syllabus

BallSmarter represents the convergence of Sport, STEAM and Leadership. Programs that implement proven strategies to build life-long skills led by the industry’s innovators.

After 25 years in high performance sport training and development, we recognized the dire need to utilize sport as a driver and a motivator to build a foundation for each child.


Our approach to the time spent with our campers revolves around maximizing their experience.

BallSmarter Players never take a play off. Time outs become learning opportunities as we drive motivation for every STEAM subject, powered by the Leadership and Literacy skills needed to succeed.

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The Science In STEM

Ball Smarter’s sport science schedule is as informative as it is expansive. Firing motivation for a vital subject, we bring learning to the court by identifying, gathering and hypothesizing followed by testing and naturally, debating outcomes.

Studying the biology and mechanics of individuals using technology and math allows players to see inside their game and how to adapt their performance in comparison with others. The social sciences of team sports are studied to assist in our players’ leadership lessons.

The Technology In STEM

With an overwhelming amount of technology available to young people, BallSmarter campers learn to use the essential tools for their present growth and future career. Individual and group tasks allow for instant athletic analysis.

Using exclusive technology design to understanding impact of individual actions on team dynamics to explore physical performance combine to spark enthusiasm in a key subject for scholarly success and collegiate choice.

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BS Promo Engineer

The Engineering In STEM

Players will leave their BallSmarter experience with an in depth understanding of how engineering has and continues to impact their sport.

Our syllabus sparks informed debate on the ethics and role of engineering at all levels of sport as players compare and contrast their athletic ability with their idols. There’s more to engineering than perceptions and Ball Smarter shows campers exactly that.

The Math In STEM

BallSmarter camps aren’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our Math modules go beyond the numbers and demand players to explore the why and how of statistical data analysis. We guide them into their own performance tracking its wider impact on their team.

Campers capture a range of individual and group data, process it into a presentable format for instant analysis in game breaks. Linking to leadership elements, there is an effective knowledge transfer of their findings.

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Meet the Team

The BallSmarter management team have coached some of the best prospects in the world of professional and collegiate sport,
while assisting in their education in high school, college and beyond the world of professional sports.


Leigh Alan Klein – Founder & CEO

Leigh is a current professor in the business department at Mount Saint Mary College.  He is the host of That Bracket Show on SB Nation Radio. He was C.E.O. of Five-Star Basketball Camp Inc. from 1992-2016.  He currently serves on the working group for USA Basketball’s Youth Development, he was the lead on the sub-group that developed parent curriculum.

Graham Wilson – Advisor

Graham is an experienced basketball coach at all levels from the Euroleague to the NCAA and globally having coached in 14 countries working as an interim head, associate and assistant coach over the past 17 year amassing a winning career coaching record (0.537) over 400+ games. All while leading the innovation of STEAM’s impact on education through the medium of sport.


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