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The BallSmarter 4E approach offers players, coaches and parents a holistic journey of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Technology (STEAM) through sporting pathways. The various different activation modules form the cornerstone each season from year to year. All on site and in person camps, clinics and conferences are combined with an online learning portal to support the athletes as they transition from sport to STEM education into mentoring and volunteering, with a raft of at-home engagements for them and their families.

The opening stage of the BallSmarter program involves the player’s first engagement with STEAM subjects through sport. Active on the court and the sidelines, players will work with their coaches to examine the five subject areas in new and exciting ways. Breaks in play at camps and scheduled rest between tournament games are opportunities for the first steps to be taken on the path to a greater sport and subject awareness as a Mentee.

The second stage of the BallSmarter program allows the player to continue their growth mindset by experiencing STEAM and Sport related activities away from the court and their team mates. Introducing their parents and siblings to a range of at-home tasks, they take their first tentative steps towards becoming a BallSmarter Mentor. By learning to learn independently, in the comfortable environment of their home with support from the online class portal, the Mentee slowly becomes a mentor.

The penultimate stage of the BallSmarter program sees the player return to the court in a new role as an event volunteer to hone their expertise. Armed with their prior practical and personal experiences, Mentors now join the BallSmarter coaching staff to assist in the delivery of Experience events in their local community. The development of their growth mindset won’t stop as just a volunteer, as options to attend new active camps and clinics as a player will ensure the player’s development continues as their skill set grows.

The final stage of the BallSmarter program concludes by the player evolving towards their future in sport and education. The online course, along with the on site events will have bolstered their resume to ensure its depth matches their ambition for both further education and related internships. Specializing in a single area of interest from the STEAM collective, the choice of future studies will be an informed one with a robust resume to match their lofty ambitions on and off the court.