Are you a winner? Will your team be a champion? Do you know what it takes to dominate? Let’s find out what the next NCAA March Madness Champion knows about winning it all.

We’re about to take a deep dive into the Duke Blue Devils and learn how they have maintained a top 3 ranking all season long and what that will mean come tourney time.

Duke use an aggressive defense to smother opponents with two key factors; steals and blocks. They swat 7 shots a game, more than any team in the nation. Height isn’t the only factor in play when it comes to rejections. Often timing and more importantly a player’s vertical leap that helps send those shots into the third row.

BallSmarter helps players not only measure their vertical leap using scientifically engineered tests, but provides information for you and your teammates to increase your jump. STEM plays a huge role in elite sports performance so getting to grips with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a vital skill you need.

Now, add to that, the fact Duke swipe almost 10 steals every game which is good for third. They use good positioning with their foot speed and teamwork along with communication. But most importantly is their hand speed and reactions, to knock the ball away and turn defense into offense.

Guess what. Players like you who BallSmarter can also test and improve your hand speed along with your reactions at home or on the court. Our downloadable tests arrive right at your phone to share with your friends to get the upper hand against your opponents, just like Duke will.

No other team in college sports has more combined blocked shots and steals than the 17 the Blue Devils total every time they step on the court. Imagine your team getting 17 more shots than the opposition.

That’s quite the advantage and one that you could help your team to have. Don’t wait for the Madness of March to be over. Join BallSmarter now and make sure you’re ready to dominate with defense.


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